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“There’s more than one way to look at a problem, and they may all be right.”

Norman Schwarzkopf

Our practice works in all areas of the ever-evolving High Tech industry, across all areas of the value chain and in all phases of the product life cycle. Corporations and consumers are relying more heavily than ever on technology to achieve commercial and personal goals. This has made high-tech products and services indispensable, yet more commoditized. Short product life cycles have become even more condensed, with rapid innovation driving dynamic change, contributing to a market characterized by a steady stream of new entrants, and consolidation of existing players. Within this dynamic environment, BeSmartBrand helps our clients address challenges and opportunities by working with them to find the answers that matter most.

The BeSmartBrand Team can also help whether you need a completely new website or simply need to make changes to your existing website. We have the knowledge of what it means to have a successful website. We can purchase a domain or multiple domains and manage their renewals as well as any DNS changes. Keep in mind that having a website that simply exists is a lot of lost opportunity. Visibility counts!

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  • “Know what you want.
  • Know what it’s worth.
  • Keep it simple!”


BeSmartBrand Technology Services are centered on…


new-servicesTurn key ready websites. High quality hosting on Apache servers. Website administration services. Flip page booklet design and development. Bulk data importation. Custom design and graphic concepts. Customer tailored design services. Design and printing of marketing materials. All media services.

Click here to view a fine selection of web designs for all tastes and purposes. For questions and/or custom designs please contact us. Make sure to also visit the full screen versions. Including that many websites on a single page, the above link won’t work on mobile devices. On the contrary, individual demos may be, one by one, explored on such devices. Enjoy browsing!

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Web Solutions Business Strategy Success by Innovation
web-design get-it-now Just-do-it

Business: Business Strategy, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking
Science: Electronics, Engineering, Integration, Physics, Physics Engineering, Research, Science, Sensors, Infrared Imaging
Management: R&D Management, Project Management, Project Planning, Team Building, Problem Solving
Research & Development: Analysis, Theory, New Product Development, Algorithm Development, SR & ED Tax Return
Technology: Product Development, Product Management, Project Planning, Multiple Technology Integration, Technology Transfer, Production Planning
Training: Teaching, Technical Training, Technical Writing, Technical Presentations
Web: E-Commerce Platform, E-commerce SEO, Multimedia Development & Integration, Website Development, Web Project Management, Web Marketing
More specific…BeSmartBrand Technology Services is dedicated to offer services and valuable resources in the following areas:

Optics, Photonics, Vision Systems Design, 3D Sensing, Infrared Detectors & Applications, Laser Alignment Techniques, Laser Instrumentation, Image Capture Systems & Applications, Photometric Instrumentation, Teledetection, Metrology